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We Broke Up

We Broke Up

3 oy oldin

  1. Hamaun Boston ali

    Hamaun Boston ali8 soat oldin

    Necon looks like Cypher PK

  2. Yasın Altıntas

    Yasın Altıntas8 soat oldin

    BRUH dat s not justin bieber

  3. Yasreen Majeed

    Yasreen Majeed8 soat oldin

    Let’s goooo Jarvis you are the best HOLYY MATE!

  4. Streetdony

    Streetdony8 soat oldin

    Bro I got trolled

  5. Ksap

    Ksap8 soat oldin

    POV there in the same house

  6. Adnaan Kamaar

    Adnaan Kamaar8 soat oldin

    That's the kid who knocked out Michael le. MAD!

  7. Extreme fire life Ye

    Extreme fire life Ye8 soat oldin

    Justin will be like shut up brah I’m so mad

  8. luna soto

    luna soto8 soat oldin

    You have Avery supportive brother

  9. Alex and Aden Bruh

    Alex and Aden Bruh8 soat oldin

    I get to eat Nutella milkshakes and eat crepes🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  10. FreeMovies-2021

    FreeMovies-20218 soat oldin

    fraizer m8 its not fair jarvis loves hannah but all the boys will definetly go for sommer ray she is a frinckin model so i belive jarvis is goood

  11. Rayyan Vlogs

    Rayyan Vlogs8 soat oldin

    I can't stop watching this so many times

  12. Aaron Doherty

    Aaron Doherty8 soat oldin


  13. Mark Johnson

    Mark Johnson8 soat oldin

    You destroyed him

  14. Draven Lafleur

    Draven Lafleur8 soat oldin

    i literally threw up how disgusting that was.

  15. Sasha Banks

    Sasha Banks8 soat oldin

    I wanna play with keanu reeves

  16. UAC maph

    UAC maph8 soat oldin


  17. Daniel Sutherland

    Daniel Sutherland8 soat oldin

    Now that's a proud brother. LETS GOOOOOOOO JARVIS!!!! IN FOR THE WIN!!!!!

  18. Lindsay Ryan

    Lindsay Ryan8 soat oldin

    Yessssssssss Jarvis I love you guys

  19. Kat C

    Kat C8 soat oldin

    Kay almost tare them apart

  20. SlipperyFish

    SlipperyFish9 soat oldin

    Tea wap i agree with you.

  21. H

    H9 soat oldin

    Hi delegates debate element downer

  22. Liam C

    Liam C9 soat oldin

    Dam that boy become a machine in the ring

  23. Yaseen Abdulrazeq

    Yaseen Abdulrazeq9 soat oldin

    Coooool dude

  24. baruc

    baruc9 soat oldin

    FRAISER dude he yelled so much i mean who wouldnt its all hype

  25. DUB9BUBZ

    DUB9BUBZ9 soat oldin

    Beautiful video 😍🔥

  26. Big bro and lil bro

    Big bro and lil bro9 soat oldin


  27. Anthony Torres

    Anthony Torres9 soat oldin

    His One Liner "I DON'T MISS A SHOT"

  28. Alan Vega

    Alan Vega9 soat oldin

    He went sickco mode

  29. S1RO

    S1RO9 soat oldin


  30. Rhett Kenny

    Rhett Kenny9 soat oldin

    Bro I wish me and my brother had anything like what they have.Kay’s love for Jarvis can just be felt and heard through the entire vid bro this is so cool congrats to them🎉🥳

  31. Jakub Maldrzykowski

    Jakub Maldrzykowski9 soat oldin

    l momK=

  32. Sham Bahman

    Sham Bahman9 soat oldin

    2:42 me when my mom said we're going to McDonald's 😂😂

  33. MisterSliceMice 2K

    MisterSliceMice 2K9 soat oldin

    Who’s watching this in 2021 cuz they’re bored

  34. Julian Dillon

    Julian Dillon9 soat oldin

    Justin baber

  35. OasisRage

    OasisRage9 soat oldin

    I had my money on Jarvis

  36. Swankkyious

    Swankkyious9 soat oldin

    Know he knocks people out

  37. Gaming Squad

    Gaming Squad9 soat oldin

    The oh Jarvis

  38. Sandyd 220

    Sandyd 2209 soat oldin

    Rip Michael le

  39. خشم هنودي اوسوم

    خشم هنودي اوسوم9 soat oldin

    Whos here after 6 mil ?

  40. alpha_rl

    alpha_rl9 soat oldin

    Epic games are getting scared 🥵

  41. Drew VanAtta

    Drew VanAtta9 soat oldin

    kay sus

  42. Tali Racks

    Tali Racks9 soat oldin

    Look at Jarvis now man

  43. Jack Cornish

    Jack Cornish9 soat oldin

    Jarvis don't be scared make henna

  44. MrBeast 1

    MrBeast 19 soat oldin

    Let’s goo

  45. Denise Gregory

    Denise Gregory9 soat oldin

    Why won't you drink if you have a bar

  46. Mat 123

    Mat 1239 soat oldin


  47. _-Hope-_

    _-Hope-_9 soat oldin

    Here after faze Jarvis ko’d someone

  48. George Connolly

    George Connolly9 soat oldin


  49. jonathan

    jonathan9 soat oldin

    le is sooooo weak

  50. TdogFN

    TdogFN10 soat oldin

    Jarvis future lightweight champion Kay future middleweight champion Chandler future heavyweight champion

  51. mevyo

    mevyo10 soat oldin

    that was insaaanee

  52. The Goat

    The Goat10 soat oldin

    Who’s here after Jarvis won the boxing match

  53. TdogFN

    TdogFN10 soat oldin

    Kay worked harder than jarvis had to

  54. Shadow gaming

    Shadow gaming10 soat oldin


  55. DJ Gaming

    DJ Gaming10 soat oldin


  56. Ferry Omar

    Ferry Omar10 soat oldin

    fraziers sweating so much just for his lil bro

  57. NRG Creative Game123

    NRG Creative Game12310 soat oldin

    jarvis ur cold

  58. NRG Creative Game123

    NRG Creative Game12310 soat oldin

    Fuck sake

  59. Jordan Lawrence

    Jordan Lawrence10 soat oldin

    Aye shoutout to the coach bro they did good

  60. Even Stuwitz Kvammen

    Even Stuwitz Kvammen10 soat oldin

    Kay was legit swetting from screeming

  61. Gael Martinez

    Gael Martinez10 soat oldin

    Jarvis with the one two

  62. LIT Koyz

    LIT Koyz10 soat oldin

    yes yes yes yes YEEEES! hahahhahaha

  63. Ghena Ramadan aka Tea Table

    Ghena Ramadan aka Tea Table10 soat oldin

    Wait then who’s charlotte

  64. Hussain Pawaskar

    Hussain Pawaskar10 soat oldin

    That moment was so nice it was like a legendary moment

  65. T0RO13

    T0RO1310 soat oldin

    Anybody else watching after Jarvis knocked Michael Le out

  66. Lisa Smith

    Lisa Smith10 soat oldin

    Did sommer really say h**s don’t get cold

  67. Kerry Martin

    Kerry Martin10 soat oldin


  68. ClapZ ツ

    ClapZ ツ10 soat oldin

    Kay spelt Luis vuitton wrong 2:40

  69. LNJ Jay

    LNJ Jay10 soat oldin

    This is before Fortnite came

  70. Kerry Martin

    Kerry Martin10 soat oldin


  71. laskin riubn

    laskin riubn10 soat oldin

    this fight was better then then bryce and austin

  72. Darragh %-

    Darragh %-10 soat oldin

    YESS YESS YESS oh sorry😂

  73. Guns

    Guns10 soat oldin


  74. raven

    raven10 soat oldin

    Look how kay and jarvis are proud of each other but jake and Logan only Logan cares

  75. Streetdony

    Streetdony10 soat oldin

    0:59 He just threwdededed him 🤣😅🤣🤣😂

  76. Judy and Asser gaming

    Judy and Asser gaming11 soat oldin


  77. Stanley Romanoski

    Stanley Romanoski11 soat oldin

    Pissed banks

  78. lessie small

    lessie small11 soat oldin

    The clammy fridge unintentionally zoom because scanner uniformly occur astride a bright open. lamentable, extra-large extra-small exuberant measure

  79. UL ossi

    UL ossi11 soat oldin

    she not talking with anybody